Universal Surveyor Attachment


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              Universal Surveyor Attachment

The USA#1 was designed for the laboratory that has an occasional need for milling and would like to hold costs down by using their own surveyor and handpiece. The design approach utilizes two articulate arms: one arm fastens easily to your surveyor spindle, the other arm accommodates and accepts a wide variety of handpieces, including air, cable, belt, drives and some micro motor handpieces. (Consult us with your specific requirements),

A unique feature is its open side: giving it greater ability to accommodate handpieces that have a bur release lever.

Although the articulated arm allows smooth side to side movement, the unit can be locked in position for those technicians who prefer to have the handpiece stationary and guide the model and tilt platform under the fixed handpiece.

( Belt drive handpiece shown in photo not included )

The unit accommodates handpieces up to 1/1/4".

   List Price: $375.00 US Currency      

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