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The MX-5 is our Most Popular Dental Milling Machine

              '7 Years of proven performance.

  With it's triple jointed articulated arm design,  you have control over the horizontal  and vertical movement .

 The  arm can move freely side to side as the motor is raised or lowered, IE: Milling (on-the-fly).

The unit will accept an extensive assortment of  Burs, Mills, Drills, and Wax Scrapers that we offer, most burs are available in solid carbide, single or diamond cut. ( Click here to see assortment ).

 Mill and drill in wax, gold or non-precious. The MX-5 Milling Machine comes complete with tap/survey attachment, foot pedal to control the motor speed, two burs and milling fluid.

List price $1499.00 (US currency)    

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